Dermatology Clinic

Our dermatology clinic can successfully treat even the most stubborn of skin complaints. We have a wide range of experience, including:

An animal with an allergy to grass pollens

Investigation of Allergic Skin Disease

This patient suffered from a recurrent itchy skin and developed a rash every summer. Investigation revealed an allergy to grass pollens and desensitisation with an allergy vaccine produced a dramatic improvement in the condition.

A dog suffering from a long standing skin disease

Chronic parasitic disease

This dog suffered from a long standing skin disease which when investigated turned out to be due to a parasite called Demodex canis.

The dog's immune system had been suppressed by overuse of corticosteroids allowing the mite to proliferate unchecked and causing Demodectic Mange.

A dog with an underactive thyroid gland

Hormonal disease investigation

This dog had gained weight, become lethargic and lost the hair on its nose. Investigation revealed an under active thyroid gland and once this was treated with hormone supplementation the dog recovered.

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