Farm Animals

Fenwold Veterinary Practice was founded in the 1950's as a farm only practice, and we are proud to continue to serve the farmers of this area.

We cater for all shapes and sizes of farm enterprise from those calving 200 cows a year to the small holder with a bit of everything! Currently, we provide veterinary services for:

  • 6 dairy units
  • 40 beef units
  • 32 sheep farms
  • 4 large pig units
  • 3 alpaca units
  • Cattle foot trimming

    Foot trimming

  • One of our vets performing a pregnancy diagnosis

    Pregnancy diagnosis

  • Flock and herd health planning

    Flock / herd health planning

24 Hour Emergency Service

As you would expect, we provide the complete Veterinary Service of professional advice on disease prevention and management as well as a 24 hour emergency service for those calvings/lambings/prolapses/downer cows/pneumonia outbreaks etc. We take our emergency service very seriously and to this end we have 2 vets available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Herd Heath Planning

Fenwold Veterinary Practice Ltd is certified by the British Cattle Veterinary Association to complete Herd Health Plans for beef/dairy farms. Visit the NDFAS website for more details or for more information please contact the Spilsby branch.

Health Planning offers the opportunity to get a real hold on the diseases and management practices most likely to be influencing the profitability of your farm. Using the 'Measure, Manage and Monitor' approach, we can identify the causes of reduced production, instigate changes to combat them and, using record systems or blood testing, monitor the effectiveness of any management changes made.

Knowing the disease status and any nutritional deficits of your farm is imperative to maximising performance.

Bull Soundness Examination

Full Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations can be performed by this Practice using our Electro-ejaculator. Sub fertile bulls are common, (approximately 20% of bulls tested are sub-fertile), resulting in elongated calving blocks and significant reductions in average weaning weights and increases in cow barren rates. This inefficiency results is a significant reduction in farm profits. A fertile bull must be able to successfully serve 90% of 50 cows in 9 weeks.

Annual Bull Breeding Soundness examinations represent a sound investment in suckler herd productivity and include a full clinical examination and semen evaluation. For more information please contact the Spilsby branch.

Complete Parasite Control Package

One of our full time members of staff at Spilsby is a fully qualified Suitably Qualified Person (SQP). As such, Alison is able to provide free advice on all worming issues as well as performing competitively priced Faecal Worm Egg Counts. Egg counting is a vital tool in ensuring medicines are adminstered to maximise their effect and reduce resistance. We are therefore able to provide the complete parasite control package with advice on when to worm (and when not to), what to use and even what parasites are present on farm. We are able to provide very competitive worming products with next day delivery to any of the 3 practices.

XL Vets

As members of the XLVets group of Practices, we are able to tap in to and utilise the expertise of some of the largest dedicated farm veterinary practices in the country. You can find out more about the XLVets group by visiting their website:

Fenwold Vets and NADIS

Click on the following link to view the monthly NADIS webinar journal. Along with the usual Parastie Forecasts and Disease Trends, you'll find information covering most diseases in most species. The information is presented in both webinars and articles and includes the option to test your knowledge with a quiz at the end. Good luck!

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